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Sacred Heart School launched a 1:1 iPad program for the  sixth, seventh, and eighth grades in August 2013. All of our middle school students  have their own iPads for academic work in school and at home.  The iPad is an effective educational tool that enhances learning for our students.

In the same year we also add a set of 32 iPads to be use for all the lower grades as well as Library sections

In 2014 we added fifth grade to the 1:1 program

Benefits of 1:1 iPad Program:

  • Instant access to up-to-date information and current events as well as digital books and multimedia resources
  • Foster critical thinking skills to do research that encourages proactive learning
  • Strengthen communication skills and literacy
  • Multiple collaboration tools available
  • Individualize learning tool
  • Prepare students for high school, college and life
  • Expand students' working knowledge of effective methods to problem solve and complete tasks