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The William B. Finneran Montessori Academy of Sacred Heart is an extraordinary place to learn and grow.

Founded on Montessori principles and infused with Catholic values, our program provides a nurturing environment for the spiritual and intellectual development of our students. each child's unique abilities are honored as they learn to meet thr challenges of their formative years with confidence and creativity.

Students experience a child centered program that has at its core a profound respect for the individual child and an understanding that each child is unique and develops at their own pace.

Children are encouraged to choose and work with developmentally appropriate materials in a prepared, supportive learning environment where success is built in and where the surroundings are both orderly and attractive. In this setting, learning becomes its own reward, and children are evaluated on the basis of their individual progress, not in comparison to their peers.

Our curriculum program includes these components.

Practical Life/Everyday Living:
Goal: To help children care for themselves and their environment.

Goal; To refine sensory experience and their ability to observe, compare, discriminate (visual,auditory, tactile, gustatory, and olfactory), reason, decide and problem solve.

Goal: to develop reading and writing readiness using the ACCELERATED READING Program,(auditory, visual, and fine motor preparation, whole language and phonics).

Goal: To develop exactness, concreteness, logic, reasoning, problem solving and decision making. Children progress from a concrete to an abstract understanding of quantities and symbols using Mathletics and enVision Math.

Goal: To develop active scientific investigation, experimentation and discovery.

Social studies/Geography:
Goal: To learn about the physical and cultural world and to appreciate its diversity.

Goal: To develop visual creativity of children through exploration of various art media.

Music and Movement:
Goal: To distinguish rhythm, pitch, timbre, intensity, form, cultural origination of music and fine and gross motor skills.

Physical Education:
Goal: To engage students in various physical activities designed to improve balance, coordination and cardiovascular fitness as well as self-confidence, self-esteem and motivation. Physical education features the Sparks curriculum.

Religious Formation:
Goal: To develop awareness in each child that they are children of God and will grow in His love as  experienced in family, school, parish and community.

World Languages:
Goal: To introduce language learning with Rosetta Stone. The children have access to English, Mandarin, Spanish and French.