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The William B. Finneran Montessori Academy of Sacred Heart is an extraordinary place to LEARN and GROW!

Our curriculum program includes these components.

Practical Life/Everyday Living:
Goal: To help children care for themselves and their environment.

Goal; To refine sensory experience and their ability to observe, compare, discriminate (visual,auditory, tactile, gustatory, and olfactory), reason, decide and problem solve.

Goal: to develop reading and writing readiness using the ACCELERATED READING Program,(auditory, visual, and fine motor preparation, whole language and phonics).

Goal: To develop exactness, concreteness, logic, reasoning, problem solving and decision making. Children progress from a concrete to an abstract understanding of quantities and symbols using Mathletics and enVision Math.

Goal: To develop active scientific investigation, experimentation and discovery.

Social studies/Geography:
Goal: To learn about the physical and cultural world and to appreciate its diversity.

Goal: To develop visual creativity of children through exploration of various art media.

Music and Movement:
Goal: To distinguish rhythm, pitch, timbre, intensity, form, cultural origination of music and fine and gross motor skills.

Physical Education:
Goal: To engage students in various physical activities designed to improve balance, coordination and cardiovascular fitness as well as self-confidence, self-esteem and motivation. Physical education features the Sparks curriculum.

Religious Formation:
Goal: To develop awareness in each child that they are children of God and will grow in His love as  experienced in family, school, parish and community.

World Languages:
Goal: To introduce language learning with Rosetta Stone. The children have access to English, Mandarin, Spanish and French.