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If a student is Absent:

Students are expected to be in school and on time on all days when school is in session.  Class days are noted on the school calendar which is available on-line.  Regular attendance is essential to a student’s progress and to the formation of good learning habits. 

Parents/Guardians are to inform the school of an absence by phoning the school office (582-2242) before 9:00 a.m. on the day of the absence. Upon returning to school, the student is to present a written excuse to the homeroom teacher. This note, signed by the parents or guardians, states the student’s name, grade level, date, day(s) of absence, and reason for the absence.  Students will not be admitted to the classroom without a note. They will be sent to the office to call home. Students who fail to comply with the above policy, or who submit attendance note containing false or misleading information, are subject to disciplinary penalty in addition to the absence being marked unexcused.

If a student is Tardy:

PARENTS MUST BRING THEIR CHILD TO THE SCHOOL OFFICE AND SIGN THEM IN. A NOTE OF EXPLANATION MUST BE TURNED IN, AT THAT TIME, FOR THE STUDENTS’ PERMANENT RECORDS. Students are not allowed to be dropped off at the gate. All days that students arrive late will be noted on their permanent records and report cards, and, as stated previously, may impact the students’ academic and/or scholarship standing.  

Repetitive lateness will have an adverse effect on a student’s education and is disruptive to the classroom. Arrangements must be made to have students to school on time each day. 

A doctor’s note must be given to the school office upon the student’s arrival for it to be considered an excused tardy if they have been to the doctor or dentist. 

Students who accumulate ten (10) tardies to school in a quarter will serve a detention for the tenth and each tardy thereafter for the quarter.  Parents may be assessed a $25.00 fine for the tenth tardy and each tardy thereafter for the quarter.  Upon the tenth tardy the parents/guardian may be required to meet with the principal to develop a plan for student punctuality.