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The philosophy of Sacred Heart School is to provide maximum student development in a Christian atmosphere. Based on the recognition that the child is multi-dimensional, we profess to use developmentally appropriate educational practices.  We endeavor to incorporate into our program those authentic activities that will develop the spiritual, intellectual, social, moral, creative, and physical needs of students.

The educational process should be a joint effort between parents and school.  Since education begins at home, we encourage parents to assist the faculty in training their children for the reception of the Sacraments as well as reinforcing all the literary, math and communication skills taught in school.

We believe that the administrators, faculty and staff receive their inspiration from the Blessed Trinity.  Our guidance and direction is received from the principles expressed in Scripture to teach as Jesus did.  We, as educators, believe in the need to exemplify our philosophy through our words and actions.

Our quest is to guide our students toward God, community and service.  This will enable them to function in the mainstream of life with sensitivity, responsibility, and respect for all creation.

We strive to deal with social and moral issues in accordance with the teachings of Jesus and His Church.  This calls for the formation of values and attitudes demanded for Christian living in our complex society.

Our commitment is to academic excellence as well as to the dignity and honor of the person.  Our intent is to prepare a child who, in a joyful spirit, will responsibly deal with all aspects of life.