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Established in 2011

Exceptional Student Education

Sacred Heart School offers an inclusive education for students with average to gifted intelligence who are working hard to complete grade level activities. Sacred Heart School’s exceptional student education program strives to improve students’ basic, organizational, and executive functioning skills while completing grade level curriculum in a general education classroom. Teachers work with parents to reinforce these skills and instill positive attitudes towards learning.

Students who receive exceptional student educational services are in general education classrooms with accommodations. Sacred Heart School offers supplemental push-in services.  

The Exceptional Student Education Department works closely with Palm Beach County’s Private Schools Services Office to ensure Sacred Heart School students have annual private school service plan meetings, initial evaluations, re-evaluations, and receive services provided by Palm Beach County facilitators.

This program is for students with mild specific learning disabilities and is not designed to accommodate the needs of students with severe learning or emotional disabilities.

The McKay Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

Sacred Heart School accepts the McKay Scholarship for students with disabilities. The McKay Scholarship is a school choice program of the Florida Department of Education for students with current individual educational plans. To learn more about this scholarship program, visit the Florida School Choice website or call the toll free Parent Hotline 1-800-447-1636.