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Established in 2011

The Sacred Heart School Learning Lab provides remedial &/or intensive instruction in Language Arts and Mathematics. Students attend the Lab from one to three periods per day. The remainder of the day is spent in mainstream classes.

Sacred Heart School is truly an inclusive school. The specialized Lab program offers  “exceptional” students an opportunity to study and be with their peers for the majority of each school day. The Lab students are included in social studies, science, and religion classes. They also participate in the rich music and art program as well. All students may participate in the school’s sports and choirs. 

SHS is proud to provide this instructional and social model to students who have exceptional learning needs. The Learning Lab is designed for students identified as having exceptional learning needs in reading, writing and math. The students may have an exceptionality identified as: Speech & Language Impaired, Specific Learning Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorders, or another mildly handicapping condition. In general, identified students demonstrate a two-year delay in reading, writing, or mathematics. The Lab serves 3rd-8th grade students.

The Lab staff consists of full-time ESE Certified Teachers. One of the teachers is trained in the Orton-Gillingham and Wilson Reading Programs. A gifted endorsed teacher teaches in the school and confers with the Lab teachers in regards to the gifted students on campus. The teachers in the Lab use a variety of resources and methods designed to help these students become successful and also to increase their grade level abilities. Instructional materials are researched based and highly effective. Technology is also used with the implementation of computer-based reading, writing, and math programs.

Sacred Heart School is committed to the success of all students. Teachers, support staff and the “specials” teachers collaborate to accommodate and modify the curriculum. The Lab program offers a unique and effective program and is well respected in the community