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  Sacred Heart School Honor Code Pledge

As a member of the Sacred Heart community, I pledge to be a person of integrity. I will neither give nor receive unauthorized assistance in any academic exercise.

The following also represents examples of actions which violate the Honor Code:


Falsifying data/ citations

Fabricating adult signatures/ letters

Abuse of Media Center

Purposeful destruction, theft, or misuse of electronic media

Lying to administrator or teacher during an investigation in dishonesty or behavioral infraction

Honor Roll Requirements

Students in grades 2nd through 8th earning A's and B's are eligible for Honor Roll each quarter.  Honor Roll is determined at the end of each quarter. Students eligible for Honor Roll must meet the following criteria on their report card each quarter:

1. Principal's List
  • All A’s
  • All 1’s and 2’s in Conduct and Effort

2.  Academic Honors
  • All A’s and B’s
  • All 1’s and 2’s in Conduct and Effort


Eighth grade students that earn honor roll status all four quarters of the eighth grade school year will be recognized "With Honors" at the graduation ceremony. Those students that have earned A's in all classes each year will receive the President’s Academic Award of Excellence.