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Sacred Heart School is under the guidance and supervision of the Diocese of Palm Beach Office of Schools.  As a Diocese, all schools are required to follow an established curriculum and are held accountable to said curriculum.  Presently, all Palm Beach Diocesan Catholic schools follow the National Catholic Standards and Benchmarks. 

Sacred Heart School provides a well rounded education focusing on the spiritual, developmental, emotional, cognitive and physical well being of the child.
         A. Teaching all subjects within a faith context.
         B. Providing academic excellence within a safe environment.

Sacred Heart School surpasses contemporary national trends in curriculum challenging students to strive for excellence.
          A. Low teacher/student ratio.
          B. William B. Finneran Montessori Academy for Early Learning.
          C. Gifted Programs.
          D. Learning Lab for struggling students.

Sacred Heart School provides State of the Art technology which will propel students in the world of acquisition of knowledge.