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  Name Title
Heather Barbuto Barbuto, Heather 4th Grade
Gina Castiglia Castiglia, Gina 3rd Grade Teacher Assistant
Cornelius Costelloe Costelloe, Cornelius Director of Facilities
Jennifer Costelloe Costelloe, Jennifer Administrative Assistant
Colleen D'Ambrosio D'Ambrosio, Colleen
Fr. Quesnel Delvard Delvard, Fr. Quesnel Pastor
Lori Doty Doty, Lori 3rd Grade
Tricia Duvall Duvall, Tricia Assistant Principal
Maria Finale Finale, Maria Kindergarten
Jamora Frederick Frederick, Jamora 1st Grade Teacher Assistant
Claudine Glenn Glenn, Claudine Learning Lab-Elementary School
Fr. Nobert Jean-Pierre Jean-Pierre, Fr. Nobert Parochil Vicar
Tiffany Kennedy Kennedy, Tiffany 2nd Grade
Zachary Kirby Kirby, Zachary World Language
Katherine LaRoche LaRoche, Katherine Teacher Assistant
Jennifer Larsen Larsen, Jennifer 1st Grade
Robyn Lorenz Lorenz, Robyn Art
Eduardo Martinez Martinez, Eduardo IT Director
Carmen Ocasio Ocasio, Carmen Guidance Counselor
Security Officer Officer, Security
Christine Richardson Richardson, Christine Religion
Ysela Rodriguez Rodriguez, Ysela 2nd Grade Teacher Assistant
Diane Rustan Rustan, Diane Pre-Kindergarten
Milka Santos Santos, Milka Development
Zephyr Secher Secher, Zephyr Middle School Math/Science
George Shaw Shaw, George 5th Grade
Rocio Shaw Shaw, Rocio Learning Lab-Middle School
Cara Snyder Snyder, Cara Middle School Language Arts/Literature
Gary Snyder Snyder, Gary Music
Elizabeth Strippel Strippel, Elizabeth Kindergarten
Candace Tamposi Tamposi, Candace Principal
Sue Tiller Tiller, Sue Bookkeper
Claudia Trajan Trajan, Claudia Teacher/Dean of Students