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1:1 iPad Program

Sacred Heart School launched a 1:1 iPad program for the sixth, seventh and eighth grades in August 2013. All of our middle school students have their own iPads for academic work in school and at home. In the same year we also added a set of 32 iPads to be used for all the lower grades as well as Library sections. To see the vast improvements wit ...

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Our choir leads us in singing the Gospel every Friday morning for Mass!

The Founders Hall was built in 2017.

Mission Statement

As a faith community enthroned in the Sacred Heart of Jesus, our mission is to provide all our students, of diverse cultures and abilities, an education of excellence, in a Christ-centered environment, encourage them to live the gospel values of love, peace, justice, respect, and service, and prepare them for success in higher education and life, and to be productive, responsible, and effective members of society.